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Rhododendron spoon rest

£8.99 (Sold out)

This rustic wooden spoon stand would make a charming addition to any kitchen. It was cut from a branch of a purple-flowered rhododendron, grown in our tiny wood on the edge of the Yorkshire Moors, in the Peak District National Park.

Please note that this listing is for a single spoon rest. We've just sold the one on the right in the photo but the one on the left is still available.

One spoon rest would make a lovely gift for a gardener. But if you wanted a pair, perhaps for a 'his and hers' gift, just drop us an email, as we do have another similar pair which are cut from the same rhododendron branch.

We've left this rhododendron spoon rest with the original bark, but we've gently sanded both sides smooth and given them two coats of food-safe organic flaxseed oil. To clean your wooden spoon rest, just wipe it with a damp cloth. Please note that rhododendron wood has a very flaky bark, so the odd bit may drop off, although the fact that we've oiled the bark should reduce this.

As with all our wooden gifts and homeware, the one you see in the photo is the one you get (it's the one on the left in the photos).

Approximate measurements: 15cm x 10cm x 3cm and 13cm by 11cm by 3cm