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Wooden wishing heart

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This little wooden wishing heart was cut by hand from the branch of a beech tree grown in our own wild little wood on the edge of the Yorkshire Moors. The beech tree lost a branch in a recent storm so you could call this a windfall gift from nature.

In Celtic mythology, the beech tree symbolises learning and wisdom, and is a symbol of prosperity. For Druids, the beech is the mother of the woods, generous and protecting, a bringer of blessings and good fortune. In Greek mythology, Helen of Troy carved her lover’s name into a beech tree, and Jason built the Argo from beech wood.

And in several cultures, people still believe that if you write your wish, or make a mark that symbolises that wish, on a piece of beech wood, and then bury it, your wish will come true... So here's your chance to put that to the test! Write your wish on this beech wood heart, plant it, and see what happens.

We've left the bark on our beech wood heart natural but we've gently sanded both sides so it's ready for you to write your wish. Please note that beech bark is quite crumbly, so there may be bits missing around the edges of your heart, but in our view that just adds to its rustic woodland charm.

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Approximate measurements: 7cm x 5cm x 0.8cm